Making a youtube or other query string link open in new tab


I am trying to link a youtube video in a new tab using markdown.


However, this link does not open in a new tab. I’m wondering if the parser is only seeing the first ‘?’ in the YouTube link?

Example page: , towards the bottom of page in “press” links section.

Thoughts appreciated.

Thank you.

@jkproperty I have no experience with this, but did have a quick look at the docs for you…

Shouldn’t the second question mark be an ampersand? See Attribute Combinations in the Grav docs.


Or maybe try Pass-through of Non-Supported Attributes

[Pass-through of 'cat' attribute](../some-page?classes=underline&cat=black)

// <a href="/your/pages/some-page?cat=black" class="underline">Pass-through of 'cat' attribute</a>


The ampersand worked. Thank you for the pointer to the docs. I did look at them for the initial ?, but it’s obvious I didn’t read further.

Thank you again!