Logo on different pages

For example for Home page I need logo with bright colors and for other pages darker style. Does anyone have a qucik idea how to put one logo on Home and another to other pages?

Just an idea, you could have a page header setting body_classes: home and add some CSS to use a different logo in the homepage.

Or, edit the theme’s template and add a twig if to determine if it’s the homepage, and edit the HTML generated accordingly.

Thank you, going to use with css

Got a similar problem… Would like to use different logo when ppl press different tag:

Need more details: where are people pressing a tag link? Example of a link? Which theme are you using / based your theme on?

Theme: Sora Article, and if people press example tag:photography i would like to use different logo with that “sub site”.

Go in [theme]/templates/partials/base.html.twig and change

<img id='Header1_headerimg' src='{{ theme_url }}/images/logo.png' style='display: block' alt='{{ site.title }}' />


<img id='Header1_headerimg' src='{{ theme_url }}/images/logo-{{ grav.uri.param('tag') }}.png' style='display: block' alt='{{ site.title }}' />

Or create a more complex structure using if tags to determine what to do based on the tag param.Like

flavioscopes: Wow, it worked thanks man!