Login LDAP Plugin configuration

I want to configure site to login with LDAP credentials.
I downloaded the plugin from the https://github.com/trilbymedia/grav-plugin-login-ldap url.
I configure everything according to the link above, but could not integrate LDAP with Grav site.
There is no more example.

I looked at this as well. You almost have to know the LDAP admin to know all your settings correct. There are 2 ldap login plugins though. check out the other one, see if its easier?

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With poor LDAP/AD knowledge I also lost lots of hairs with it.
Chatting with colleagues I found out that often in ADs the login is mapped to sAMAccountName
map_username: sAMAccountName
and then user_dn would contain the domain then
user_dn: 'mycompany.domain\[username]'

Though it is really bound to how your LDAP is set, Hope that can help.

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So thanks.
Thanks to your solution, i can do it.