Launching site and email help

In the email plugin, there are two settings: Email from and Email to. What is supposed to go here? Are both supposed to be the email address I want the emails to be sent? I’ve done that, but I’m having two issues. First, the messages end up in the spam folder. Second, when I remove it from the spam folder and mark it as regular email, it does not appear in my inbox. It’s only in my sent folder…

Second question, how to you “go live” with grav? I’ve transferred the files from my production server to a live remote server with a domain name. But sometimes it still shows grav error pages, rather than a 404. Is there a way to “launch” the site?

Email from is the email address which users will see the emails sent from, by default.

Email to is the default “to” email address. It is used if you don’t specify another email address where to send the email.

Spam topic: almost every time, if you’re using the PHP Mail functionality, it’s going to be sent to the spam folder. Set up the email plugin to use a proper SMTP server.

As for going live, you say you sometimes get Grav error pages. You mean the full error stack?

Hello! I’m sorry for the late reply. I did not receive a notification for your message.

Thank you for your response. I’ve figured out the email settings.

As for going live, I mean, when developing the website, you want to be able to see the grav errors, like an error in your twig code. But once the website is launched on the production server (“live”), you obviously don’t want to show these error pages to visitors to your website. Should there be an error and a page doesn’t exist or something goes wrong, it should go to the 404 page. Is there a way to do this? There must be a setting in the system.yaml or something.

Yes, use system.errors.display to false, or via Admin, check in the System settings.

Thank you @flaviocopes!