Language supported: where should it be set?

Should I set language supported in system/config / system.yaml or in user / system.yaml ?

about order, this is my order:
1 - FR
2 - JA
3 - EN

Hi, first welcome to the Grav community! :smiley: Please make your changes in the user/config/system.yaml file. The system directory is reserved and should not be edited/changed.

And don’t worry. For a beginner I strongly recommend you to read the Grav Learn Doc step by step, escpecially in your case chapter 2 and the section about multi-language.

Have fun and many ah’s and oh’s :wink:

thank you for the answer:
it seems the Grav Learn Doc is not may be sufficiently clear.
Sometimes, like for settting time/zone, the system/system.yamlfile is modified, but in other no.
Am I wrong?

Never change system/config/system.yaml, always modify the user version that overrides the system file in user/config/system.yaml

so, for time/zone, it means thats I should create a constant in user/config/system.yaml on the model of system/config/system.yaml, isn’t it?
And like that for all the other constants, right?
Sorry to be heavy… but thank you!

You only need to override the stuff that you want to change from the defaults of the system version.

If you were to do this via the admin, it would copy all the values.

Thank you again for support: I really appreciate.
I choosed the hard way: no admin panel.
As I am a beginner, I am trying to deal with the code
I followed your advices and corrected everything.

I think learning to use Grav with files alone is the right way :slight_smile: Admin is a nice tool, but you get a much better understanding of how things work if you use the file-system approach. It’s how I do it :slight_smile: