Keep getting "Error while trying to download code"

I just downloaded Grav on my website I keep getting this error and I’m not able to use anything. Full error: Error while trying to download (code: ):

Where are you seeing this error? In your web browser? How did you install Grav and onto which type of environment? There are clever people on this forum who would like to help you, but none of them are mindreaders :slight_smile:

Hello together
I’ve had the same problem since this morning.
“Error while trying to download (code: ):
No new plugins installed. perhaps with our proxy in the office? i try this evening at home.
The error message pop up in the admin menu and disappears again. Does anyone have any idea
2019-12-12 07_55_46-Info-Center

I am getting the same error for notifications.json and blog.json. And and error “Invalid Ajax Response” on its own.

The urls themselves seem to work okay.