Issue with adding Blog page through Admin interface

Using the Admin interface, when I add a Blog page (and then its child pages based on Item) the following is missing in the page

    items: '@self.children'

Only using expert mode I can access the Frontmatter to add that missing piece. Without it, the theme of course won’t display the blog entries.

Would be very useful to have a page option that can include that missing piece for a regular user who just wants to create a new Blog page (without going to Expert mode).

Is there any way to have such an option?

Hi, this can be set in the “Blog List” tab.

Assuming the theme you’re using provides a blog.yaml blueprint that defines the admin form for the Blog page (like Antimatter and other themes do)

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10

fantastic! Can’t believe I missed that, hurdles of when you are starting out a new framework :slight_smile: Thanks for the assist!