Invalid pagination links

Pagination links on my site have invalid links.

I installed a fresh blog skeleton and then gpm install bootstrap. Everything in the pagination block works fine, as it should. It looks like this in the inspector, with either antimatter or bootstrap, when on page 2 of the site:


My site is pretty old and has been updated many times since a very early beta Grav release. I just updated to Grav 0.9.40 and updated all the plug-in with grav update, after which I cleared the cache.

My site has it’s own pagination.html.twig` file, so I moved it out of the project to be sure to use the default template. I cleared the cache after that, too. The pagination plug-in was updated from v1.3.0 to v1.3.1.

But when I’m on page 2 of my site, the pagination block looks like this:


Note the invalid links for the previous arrow and the page 1 block.

What could be going on here? How can I dig in deeper?

There were several inherent issues with the original implementation that caused the links to be unreliable in all hosting scenarios (at root, in subdomain, in subpage of root, in subpage of subdomain, etc), so the sidebar logic was revamped in Antimatter to be more robust.

We caught Bootstrap and Afterburner2 up to Antimatter today, so you can see the commits that were required to make this happen here:

Progress, now the previous and page 1 links work from page 2. But now all the other page links are just page:2, page:3, etc. without any preface. Is that another problem?

I found the problem - more old code in my theme.

All sorted now bob?

Yes, thanks. I have allowed my theme to fall pretty far behind the standards set in antimatter, it can be a problem. Technical debt…

Bob I was using this view to find out the last month changes in Antimatter - might be useful to you too