Intercept Route to handle a deep link

Hi all,

i would like to create a javascriptless deeplink which should open a modal window rendered by grav.

I imagined using a route interceptor for that but yet i was not able to find the correct event hook for it. Basically this is what i imagined how it is handled:

  1. Request URL from grav e.g.
  2. Grav checks the URI path if it ends with deeplink-id
  3. If no, grav proceeds normally
  4. If yes, grav removes /deeplink-id from the requested URI (so that the page gets requested as deeplink-id does not exist) and provides a variable which is indicating if the URL included the deeplink to adapt the twig template

Is something like this possible? Is there a better way to do it?

Support is very appreciated, thanks a lot in advance!