Images randomly cached

I’ve disabled caching on my grav site and I’m displaying my images inside a for loop with

But the url being rendered is randomly the “raw” image (from the page folder) or a cached version.
For example, the first image of the page is the raw url, the second one is a cached version and if I reload, the first image might become a cached version.

I would like to only use the raw version of my images, as I find that the compression on the cached version alters the colors.


Images are cached every time through the Gregwar Image library no matter the cache setting of Grav. The cache setting relates to the Twig caching and the page caching, but the image caching is handled independently.

Ok but that’s weird that everytime I reload the page, the same image is either the raw jpg from the page folder or a version from the images folder, even if I’m asking for no image manipulation.
Isn’t there a variable to get the url for the raw image, the untouched one I uploaded ? Or a way to specifically ask for no image manipulation and/or caching?