Image width and height in flex object

I am having an issue with image width and height attributes.

In other areas of the site I am managing to get the width and height attributes of an image using something along the lines of:[item.image].width

However, when using images from the flex directory these attributes seem to not be possible.
The only data I am getting from these images is:

array:1 [
  "user/data/flex-directory/files/kh3iX57SlARgw8u.jpg" => array:4 [
    "name" => "kh3iX57SlARgw8u.jpg"
    "type" => "image/jpeg"
    "size" => 31039
    "path" => "user/data/flex-directory/files/kh3iX57SlARgw8u.jpg"

I need to obtain the width and height of each image because of the way we are lazy loading the images in.

@joshattwood, Just a guess… What will you get if your do:

foreach( $images as $image ){[$image['name']].width