Image rotation issue

When i upload images, some of the images automatically rotated. Is it because of the file size? Or is it because that the image is in vertically inclined?

Any help would we appreciated. Thanks ! :slight_smile:
I hope you guys can help me with this issue. Helpme

It’s because of EXIF data in the picture. The picture is not really rotated, but its orientation is defined in the EXIF. Happens with images taken with phones/cameras.

Grav cannot read it yet. I almost got it working but there are some changes needed in the Image library we use, which we have no control upon. I proposed the changes, but they have not been merged yet:

The best option now is to remove the EXIF data from the image, rotate it, and then upload it.

Thanks for the quick response @flaviocopes

BTW, you can rotate manually in Grav with the rotate image command, so something like:

![Sample Image](sample-image.jpg?cropZoom=300,200&rotate=-90)