IF is not or is not - how it twig?

So I want to display email newsletter box that will be displayed in footer unless the page template is home or domains. I am struggling to come up with correct syntax for it, this one does not work:

{% if (page.template != 'home') or (page.template != 'domains') %}

Any suggestions what is correct way to write it?

{% if not ( page.template == 'home' ) or not ( page.template == 'domains' ) %}
doc twig

This works:

{% if page.template != "home" or "domains" %}
	Not Home or Domains
{% else %}
	Home or Domains
{% endif %}

@kyodev does not work

@OleVik your example will apply the condition for home page but it won’t apply for domains

@OleVik correction - yours does not work as well

I ended up doing something like this:

{% if page.template != 'home' %}
  {% if page.template != 'domains' %}

    ### display something when the page is not home or domains

  {% else %}
  {% endif %}
{% else %}
{% endif %}