I can't get the form function working

Hi, I can’t get the form function working on my site. I couldn’t get it working on the site I was on so I downloaded the ‘deliver’ site skeleton so I was working with a blank slate, and it isn’t working either. I have the form plugin and email plugin installed etc and updated and all I changed was the email plugin settings to use proper values. The email testing CLI command works and successfully sends an email so I don’t think it’s that. The form page (/contact on deliver) just blinks and refreshes the page when you press submit. It doesn’t send and email or save anything in the /user/data folder. I don’t get any errors on the page and nothing in the logs.

Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this? Should the ‘deliver’ site be setup and working out of the box apart from changing email settings? I have the debug thing running but don’t know how to read it to see what the issue is.


Is this the same problem as https://github.com/getgrav/grav-skeleton-deliver-site/issues/15#issuecomment-258308426?