HTTP Basic Auth plugin workaround

I installed HTTP Basic Auth plugin (grav-plugin-httpbasicauth/httpbasicauth.php at master · lithrel/grav-plugin-httpbasicauth · GitHub) but I think the code base has moved on and I am only partially logged in.

I see the “lock” symbol in the upper right of the screen, but it does not say “$Username, Logout” or give full access.

@bbgrav, That plugin is 8 years old and has never received an update… I’m also not sure what its added value is over the Login plugin.

Are you aware of the already installed Login plugin? See the docs for creating a Private Area on your site.

Lots of tools and browser plugins work with HTTP Basic Auth. Its a standard.

In my case, the whole domain is password protected.

The plugin code works up until this point:

   // Success
        $this->grav['session']->user = $user;
        $this->grav['user'] = $user;
        return $user->authenticated = $user->authorize('site.login');