How to reproduce the Ceevee demo

Hi people, nice to meet u
Just moving first steps in Grav world. I do not understand how reproduce the Ceevee demo site. Could be a silly question, I know. Any help appreciated

Hi and welcome!

For some themes there are skeletons available, packaged with the configurations and pages needed to show up a simple live site. The same is true for the Ceevee theme.

Just download and extract the contents into the the user folder should reproduce the demo site.

Well Sommerregen thx I try… in 5 min should be ready

I’m looking for the home page content. Where can I add text “I’m John…” and social And the network logos whit rollover ?
I can’t find this content in any page from Ceevee skeleton or theme.
Can you help me ?

I just used SublimeText3 to search the skeleton package and found that text here: grav-skeleton-ceevee-site/user/config/site.yaml

Thank you :slight_smile: It wasn’t the right file online and i didn’t look in user/config. I will update the skeleton.