How to remove tags view1 and view2?

I have these two tags (view1 and view2), but I don’t use them in articles.

  1. How to remove them?

  2. Where are they come from?

Hello @jojoiso, it looks like this is the Quark Open Publishing Space skeleton? To remove those items, look for a page folder called 05.multi-section-page and remove it. Those taxonomy tags are included on pages within that folder to support different content views.

Please let me know if the above works for you.
ps - I just released a Quark Open Publishing theme update (1.9.1) that makes this step unneeded - the tags used for section pages will no longer be displayed on a Blog listing page


thank you, update have fixed this issue.

interesting that tags from unpublished articles have arrived, but it is not a problem.

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Glad it worked! I’ll look into that unpublished issue later this week to see if that can be addressed or not (it might be a Taxonomy Plugin issue).

UPDATE: I’ve confirmed this to be an issue with the Taxonomy Plugin, and will make an issue on it’s GitHub repo. Looks like there is already a PR about this issue

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