How to iterate modules written in md header

Hi all. Will start from the question. How to print out md header content correctly without hardcoding the path with /components/ folder. PS. We need to use the components folder, so that the site structure is clear to the client to edit.

We have the following site structure in admin panel:
Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 13
In we define the content which will be printed out on the frontpage.html.twig

title: Home
published: true
      - '@page.self': '/components/_certificates'
      - '@page.self': '/components/_partners'
      - '@page.self': '/components/_services'

the code of frontpage.html.twig

        {% set collection_path = page.find(path).collection('content') %}
		{% for module in collection_path %}               
		  <div class="section">
			  <div class="row">
				{% for module in collection_path %}
				  {% include '/modular/one_' ~ path|slice(13,path|length -14 ) ~ '.html.twig' %} 
				{% endfor %} 
		{% endfor %} 	  

Path variable contains the name of folder(ex. /components/_certificates ).

The final target is to show all modules, which we have in header.

Make components/ a modular page, and that page will list its modular childs, just like a normal modular page, see for example

And set your home page to the /components page.