How to include iframe?

For my webmlsite (a blog with antimatter theme), i would like to add an iframe. I tried to use plugins like Embed or Media Embed, without any success.

The iframe presents like :

Is there any simple way to include with Grav ??


There’s no need to use a plugin. Just paste that code in a page .md file. Markdown allows plain HTML, so you can type any HTML code in markdown pages.

Alternatively, you can add it to a twig file provided by your template, so it will be included in all pages, just some pages, or anything that suits your requirements.

Thanks ! :)) In fact, what I tried to do was completely stupid. Indeed, my grav-blog is in https and the ifram contents http (non secure) address. So it did’nt match at all :)))

Beyond this, yes, we just have to enter html code in grav-markdown pages, and it works :slight_smile: