How to get the original image URL

I’m creating a gallery similar to the cookbook example but find myself unable to retrieve the URL of the original image after having called methods on the object.

I tried the .url(false) approach suggested in the media section, but this returns a URL to a compressed version of my file, not the path to my original file that image.url returns before being tempered with.

1. {{ image.url }} | {{ image.cropZoom(250, 250).url }} -> original | cropped
2. {{ image.cropZoom(250, 250).url }} | {{ image.url }} -> cropped | compressed-original
3. {{ image.cropZoom(250, 250).url }} | {{ image.url(false) }} -> cropped | compressed-original
4. {{ image.cropZoom(250, 250).url(false) }} | {{ image.url }} -> cropped | cropped

What’s the deal with that?

If you are just trying to display the image from page media use this.

{{ image }}

That will render the image and you don’t need to put it inside of a tag.

And for cropped images, use

{{ image.cropZoom(width, height).html }}

That will output the image, also not needing a tag.

Yes, I’m aware of that. It might be however be desirable to assemble customized HTML, so knowing how to change the order would be helpful. And the documentation should not tell falsehoods (as I have encountered several times already).