How to get single image from config file

So, I’m just getting started with Grav. Everything seems fairly simple and straightforward. I’ve got a custom config at user>config>themes>details.yaml and have setup a blueprint at user>blueprints>config>details.yaml. Everthing seems to be working and I’m able to use this to upload a sitewide logo image:

name: 'Hartwell Baptist Church'
address: '8732 North Cumbria Street, Golden, CO, 80401'
phone: 555-123-1111
    name: logo-2x.png
    type: image/png
    size: 45966
    path: user/themes/sitewide-assets/logo-2x.png

The problem I’m running into is accessing it via Twig. In liquid I’d just do this

<img src="{{config.details.logo[0].path}}" alt="{{}}" />

But that is getting me nowhere. When I try {{config.details.logo}} it throws an error?

What am I missing? I’ve seen similar threads on here but they didn’t seem to be trying to do the same thing. (They seem to be trying to get multiple images where I just want to add one.)

May be you should specify something like this:

{{ ...logo.html }}

And why two points after the url?

I tried just using {{config.details.logo.html}} with no success.
And I don’t understand the question "Why two points after the URL?"
Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

As I examined the documentation, the output image title and description, you should create [].yaml where you will see the title and description.

A better solution is to drop your logo image in your theme, or even in a location such as user/images/ and then you can access the logo easily via:

<img src="{{ url('image://my-logo.png') }}" />

You can also use a folder such as user/media/ and access that with url('user://media/my-logo.png')