How to get file date/time in twig?

With {% for file in %} in Twig I can iterate over the files in a specific folder. Then I can access properties, like file.url,, file.extension and file.size. How can I access the creation or modification date of a file?

@myscha, Have you tried dumping the image object in Twig to reveal its properties:

{{ dump(['myimage.jpg']) }}

This will yield something like:

Array(1) object: Grav\Common\Page\Medium\ImageMedium
  *gettersVariable: "items"
  *items: Array(15)
    type: "image"
    filename: "myimage.jpg"
    basename: "myimage"
    extension: "jpg"
    modified: 1237805256   <-- Unixepoch date

And finally:

{{['myimage.jpg'].modified | date('Y/m/d') }}

Thank you very much. Using
{{ file.modified | dateTranslate(grav.config.system.pages.dateformat.long) }}
even considers the configured time format.

@myscha, Nice!

By the way… Variable system is already defined in Twig as an alias to grav.config, like many others.