How to embed an inline image?

I have added an embedded lightbox image and want to show a list to the right of the image. Currently I cannot find a possibility to do that. Can you please help me?
Thanks in advance!

PS: This is the current Markdown code:


* 1
* 2
* 3

It’s tricky to achieve advanced layout techniques with markdown syntax. What you really need to do for this is to use HTML, the problem with this however, is that you can’t put markdown inside HTML (well you can technically with Markdown Extra but that has it’s own issues).

My suggestion is to enable twig processing on the page and use Twig-syntax for the image lightbox inside of a 2-cell table (simplest way to achieve your 2 columns) and a regular HTML list for your second column.

Thanks for the hint, I have to deepen my knowledge in Twig-syntax first for that :slight_smile:

Just click on the “Twig” tab of the docs. Most of the “media” examples have both Markdown and Twig, as well as the resulting HTML:

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Thanks for your support!