How to do 'if siblings' then

I want to show something in my template if sibling pages exist… I know how to do it for children:

{% if page.children.count() > 0 %}

But can’t work out how for siblings… any ideas? I would have thought this would work:

{% if page.siblings.count() > 0 %}

But it doesn’t…

Thanks people :smiley:

Never used it but I think you can use isLast
{% if page.isLast %}

Hey I don’t think this will work because I want to show a navigation of all sibling pages ON all the sibling pages - so this would work on all the sibling pages except the last one and so it wouldn’t show the nav on the last one. I need something that just checks if there IS siblings… correct me if i’m wrong though…

oh, but you can just change it like that

{% if page.isLast != true %} 
{# show nothing #}
{% else %} 
{# show siblings #}
{% endif %} 

I also think about this solution if you prefer:

{% if page.parent.children.count() %}