How to clear previous custom.css after changing

Hello - new to Grav

I am using the Quark theme that came with my install.

Looking to change some styles, I updated the custom.css according to this help page:

I found custom.css in user/themes/quark/css/custom.css

I added a rule to make paragraph text purple, just to test:

p { 
    color: purple;

This worked as desired. Then I tried to restore the original color by removing the rule and overwriting custom.css with an empty custom.css.

But p text remains purple.

I have cleared the cache using the buttons on the Grav admin dashboard.

I have re-uploaded custom.css with a different hex color, but it remains purple.

Can someone help me get the CSS to update on the front end? I viewed the copy on the server and it shows my updates.

I have not found this addressed in the forum, though I will keep looking.

Advice appreciated!

hi @jmaster

Did you try to clear browser cache ?

Yes I did try clearing the browser cache.

I solved it by deleting custom.css entirely and using Custom CSS plugin instead.

That is working well.