How to clear previous custom.css after changing

Hello - new to Grav

I am using the Quark theme that came with my install.

Looking to change some styles, I updated the custom.css according to this help page:

I found custom.css in user/themes/quark/css/custom.css

I added a rule to make paragraph text purple, just to test:

p { 
    color: purple;

This worked as desired. Then I tried to restore the original color by removing the rule and overwriting custom.css with an empty custom.css.

But p text remains purple.

I have cleared the cache using the buttons on the Grav admin dashboard.

I have re-uploaded custom.css with a different hex color, but it remains purple.

Can someone help me get the CSS to update on the front end? I viewed the copy on the server and it shows my updates.

I have not found this addressed in the forum, though I will keep looking.

Advice appreciated!

hi @jmaster

Did you try to clear browser cache ?

Yes I did try clearing the browser cache.

I solved it by deleting custom.css entirely and using Custom CSS plugin instead.

That is working well.

Oh wow, I never saw that plugin.

As a way forward, I highly recommend working from a “child”/derived theme rather than editing your copy of Quark. This protects you from losing your work when you upgrade the theme. Read about theme inheritance in the docs.

Also there are quite a few cache settings in Grav which work in addition to the ones in your browser and on your web server. These are mainly described in the system configuration section. I disable cache on everything but production (live site) servers.