How to change the highlight code css theme to something other then default?

I have started using the hightlight code plugin ::-

All i have to do is install this plugin and now anything that i wrap in (``` ````) is highlighted.

I would like to make one change though , I.E. change the highlight theme to something else other then the default , if i check the highlight.php file , i see the following line of code:

$theme = $this->config->get('plugins.highlight.theme') ?: 'default';

Where exactly is the plugins.highlight.theme file though , and how do change this option ?

hi @gautamz07

If i understand well, everything in the doc:

in your frontmatter

title: Sample Code With Custom Theme
    theme: monokai

change theme to what suit you need
i think all themes here or here to see them in action

Hope it helps

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Thanks @dimitrilongo , but what if i want to set a global theme for all my blog pages ?

Got it , i have to edit the highlight.yaml file. Thanks for the help !! :slight_smile: