How to add plugin Guestbook in [Agency] theme?

Hello everyone !

I’m trying to get review from my clients on my grav website.

As my site is done with an inherited theme from the Agency Theme, the basic example is not suitable (there is only one page in Agency, hence there are several modules.

I’ve tried to set my guestbook page as a module, but it was using the whole form apearance …

after this first try, I also tried to have another page, but the code isn’t recognized :

Any help would be very welcome :slight_smile:
Thank you for reading !


  • Did you have a look at the Comments plugin?
  • Where would you like the comments to be used? In a modular page or regular page?
  • Would you mind sharing what you have tried?
    • What does the header of the form page look like?
    • How does you folder structure look like?
    • What was the result of the attempt?

Hello pamtbaau,
Thank you for reading ^^

The Comments plugin was my first guess, but after reading throught and from this forum, I figured that guestbook suited best my purpose. So no, I haven’t tried to achieve anything with this plugin for now.

My site is a one page site, as it was designed to be a static page. So if the guestbook/comments is/are on another page , maybe it would be better. But maybe the form to fill the guestbook/comments section could be a module in the home page …

About sharing what I’ve tried, that is not a problem, but how ? There are several state …

My first attempt was to add a module in my home page :
user/pages/01.home/ :

title: 'Title
menu: Home
onpage_menu: true
    items: '@self.modular'
        by: default
        dir: asc
            - _header
            - _services
            - _portfolio
            - _about
            - _team
            - _clients
            - _guestbook

I added the folder user/pages/01.home/_guestbook/
containing :

title: Guestbook
menu: Guestbook

    name: guestbook

        - name: author
          label: Nom
          placeholder: Saisissez un nom ou un surnom qui me permettra de vos reconnaitre 
          autofocus: on
          autocomplete: on
          type: text
            required: true
            pattern: '^((?!https?:\/\/)(?:\R|.))*$'
            message: "Additional information field can't contain links"

        - name: email
          label: Courriel
          placeholder: Saisissez votre adresse de courriel
          type: email
            required: true

        - name: avis
          label: Message
          placeholder: Saisissez votre message
          type: textarea
            required: true
            pattern: '^((?!https?:\/\/)(?:\R|.))*$'
            message: "Additional information field can't contain links"

        - name: date
          type: hidden
            fillWithCurrentDateTime: true

        - type: submit
          value: Submit

        - email:
            subject: "[Site Guestbook] {{|e }}"
            body: "{% include 'forms/data.html.twig' %}"
        - save:
            filename: messages.yaml
            operation: 'add'
        - message: Thank you for writing your message!

## Livre d'Or
### Cet espace est dédié aux personnes ayant déjà fait appel à mes services

This first attempt resulted in an error message about a missing guestbook.html.twig, so I copied it from

It worked, I had the field and the submit button, but with the colors picked up for my other form (contact form), and it was not centered, so sketchy but working except I hadn’t fill a valid email in the ‘to’ and ‘from’ field in the email plugin …

Also, it was using the placeholder from my contact form … I’ve since renamed the type:textarea ; label:message in ‘avis’, but it is still the same output.

At this point, I sayed to myself: this has to be related with the fact that the plugin is designed for page, and not for modules, so I tried to set a page with the same content, and get what you see in the image …

Does this help you with your questions ?

@citoyencandide, I already had a vague suspicion that the frontmatter of your isn’t being interpreted as yaml… and guess what… Add 3 dashes at the top of the page and it works.

Please note:

  • When using Guestbook as a module don’t forget to remove {% extends 'default.html.twig' %} from /templates/modular/guestbook.html.twig, else the page will be created twice.

  • When using Guestbook as a module, the messages will not be displayed when opening the page. This is because line 58 in guestbook.php is checking the template of the page. In a module, the template is modular instead of guestbook

  • The script injected by Guestbook into the page fails because jQuery is loaded later then the script.
    You might want to move the loading of jQuery into <head>, by replacing ‘bottom’ with ‘head’ in /themes/yourtheme/templates/partials/base.html.twig:

    {% do assets.addJs('jquery',{'priority':101,'group':'head'}) %}

    or wrap the script in guestbook.html.twig as follows:

      window.document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
        // original script

So no, I haven’t tried to achieve anything with this plugin for now.

Ah, I didn’t know there was a plugin called Guestbook and guestbook is such a general term… I’ve taken the liberty to update the title.

First of all, thank you for detailed and 5 times corrected answer !

Also, thank you for updating my post title so that it refers to the Guestbook plugin. Sorry for the misunderstanding !

Oups, my markdown formatting of the original message was bad, the .md file has the 3 dashes !

I’m trying your tips …

Done !

Just to be sure, the script is in

and i warp it in

or elsewhere ?

@citoyencandide, I’ve updated my reply with some clarifications about fixing the javascript error.

Oups, my markdown formatting of the original message was bad, the .md file has the 3 dashes !

Are you saying the snippet here in your post is incorrect, or did you indeed forgot the 3 dashes in page
Or in other words, did adding 3 dashing in fix the issue of the form not being rendered?

yes, it is this ! do you want me to correct my firt post ?

anyway, I’ve corrected the comment where the snippet was :slight_smile:


yes, it is this !

Does that mean that the form is still shown as text instead of an actual form? Or has your post been solved?

on my page.2, I was able to achieve this :

starting again from a clear copy.

I still have to make it work (had a runtime error) but it’s getting better.

but for the modular, work is still going on.

I’m a bit slow learning ^^

here is my try with guestbook.html.twig:

{% block content %}

    {{ page.content|raw }}

    {% include "forms/form.html.twig" %}

        window.document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
    $(function() {
            var currentPage = 0;

            $(document).on('click tap', '.js__load-more', function(event) {
               $.getJSON(window.location + '/page:' + (currentPage + 1))
                .success(function(response) {
                    currentPage = parseInt(;

                    response.messages.forEach(function(message) {
                        $('.js__messages-container').append('<tr>' +
                                '<td>' + message.text + '<br />{{'PLUGIN_GUESTBOOK.WRITTEN_ON'|t}} ' + + ' {{'PLUGIN_GUESTBOOK.BY'|t}} ' + + '</td></tr>');

                    var totalRetrieved = response.itemsPerPage * (parseInt( + 1);


                    if (totalRetrieved >= response.totalAvailable) {
                .error(function() {
                    alert('Unexpected error');

    {% if grav.twig.guestbookMessages|length %}


        <table class="js__messages-container">
            {% for message in grav.twig.guestbookMessages.messages %}
                    <br />
                    {{'PLUGIN_GUESTBOOK.WRITTEN_ON'|t}} {{|e}} {{'PLUGIN_GUESTBOOK.BY'|t}} {{|e}}
            {% endfor %}

        {% if grav.twig.guestbookMessages.totalRetrieved < grav.twig.guestbookMessages.totalAvailable %}
                <div class="buttons">
                    <button type="button" class="button js__load-more">
                        Load more
        {% endif %}

        <p class="center">Showing <span class="totalRetrieved">{{grav.twig.guestbookMessages.totalRetrieved}}</span> messages of <span class="totalAvailable">{{grav.twig.guestbookMessages.totalAvailable}} {% if config.plugins.guestbook.moderation %}(Note that some may be unmoderated){% endif %}</span></p>

    {% endif %}

{% endblock %}

And … It’s working !

I have the fields, the submit button and it collect the guestbook entries …

As this method worked, I didn’t tried to change the /themes/yourtheme/templates/partials/base.html.twig

To sum up :

  • Is the form still not show correctly in the modular?

    • No
  • Does the form not save the message correctly?

    • No
  • Do I want the styling of the form to be corrected first?

    • No, but if I can get help later with this, it would be fine :slight_smile:
  • Do I first want the messages to be displayed when opening the page?

    • To me, it seem to be the aim of a guestbook but here in an image :

      the output contains the timestamp and the author, but not the message … I will have to look the code to have it in French : Écrit le (french format date) par (author)
  • Anything else that’s blocking?

    • I put the _guestbook module between two other modules, so the growing list of comments will further move back the bottom of my page and thus modify the position of the background image in the last module witch is also a form (contact form) … either i put the _guestbook module in last position, either I try to have it on another page, linked from the homepage …
    • and there seem to be bad interaction between the tow forms :
    • last but not least, I would like to have an entry in the menu for the guestbook … but I don’t know how to achieve this …

@citoyencandide, Out of curiosity, I went ahead and tried to integrate Guestbook into skeleton Agency.

TLDR: I wouldn’t use Guestbook…

Apart from above mentioned issues, I’ve found:

  • To mimic the same layout for Guestbook as for Contact, the existing custom modular form template (/templates/modular/form.html.twig) from Agency must be used for Guestbook. However…
    • The form template is hardcoded for ‘Contact’. The template needs to be refactored to accommodate for multiple forms.
    • Template guestbook.html.twig needs to be adapted to call template modular/form.html.twig with correct parameters to render the correct form definition.
    • The form is broken. The toplevel <section> and <div> are not properly closed, causing nested <section>s.
    • The scss of Agency needs to be fixed after refactoring.
  • Guestbook does not fetch messages when opened. This is because it checks the template of the page which is different for modular pages.
    It requires editing guestbook.php for this.
  • The resulting list of Guestbook messages requires scss for proper styling.
  • Guestbook starts recursing when inserting the first message and throws an error after 256 recursions.
    It requires editing guestbook.php for this.
  • The javascript uses a deprecated old jQuery API. Function $.getJSON() needs to use done() and fail().

Depending on your skills, it can all be done though… But is it worth it?


the output contains the timestamp and the author, but not the message

Guestbook used hardcoded fields names. You cannot change the name of any field else it won’t be displayed. Unless you also refactor the template of couse.

Thank you very much for this review.

My skills won’t be adapted and this is not worth the effort. Maybe there should be a warning when displaying this plugin on the download section of ?

let’s consider this thread as solved !