How to add a <br> to Resume Theme...not using admin

How to add a
to Resume Theme…not using admin

I’m So confused…

date: 13:34 06/21/2014 

  - date: From 2003 to Current
    role: Teacher, Administrator, Site Coordinator, Director.
    company: Waller ISD, Maury County Public Schools
    years: 14
    animation: fadeIn  

NEED <BR> here...

  - date: From 1996 to Current
    role: Graphics & Web.
    company: Freelance. My Kungfu is Strong!
    years: 20
    animation: fadeIn

    category: right

Use the “Resume” Theme:

/home/okaynext/www/www/resume/user/pages/right/experience/experience.m d

Have no clue how to have a
work in this file…

First time ever using grav

I’m not sure what your asking? The frontmatter section is written in YAML. You can’t use HTML in there, nor would you want to. That section is converted into PHP arrays that you can iterate over in Twig like this:

{% for item in page.header.experience %}
<p class="{{ item.animation }}">
Date: {{}} <br />
Role: {{ item.role}} <br />
Company: {{}} <br />
Years: {{ item.years}} <br />
{% endfor %}