How to access the profile page as user?

Hi there,

first of all - i am new to grav - like it very much but have still some issues finding what i need.

If have a site with login/registration enabled - and i have the kind of button for login/logout (depending on your status) at the upper right corner. All running fine …

now i want add - when user has logged in - a link to his profile page - maybe editable ? - like when i am in the admin module in usermanagment.

but i can’t find it anywhere …

any help is appreciated :wink:

hi there,

i had success getting a profile page when adding a page and using the from user/plugin/login/pages.

As i want to have a profile link in a special menu together with logout - i put a call to the profile page into the login-status.html.twig:
<a class="profile" href="/user/pages/profile">profile</a>
and made the profile page routable and took out the Folder Numeric Prefix … but now i am getting a 403 - Forbidden - You don’t have permission to access this resource.

any one an idea?