How do I get an array of categories from taxonomies

I have the following taxonomies set up in site.yaml
taxonomies: [category,tag,month,author]

For my blog page I want to have a list of all categories that are available. I see how you can find pages assigned to a category, but how do I just loop through and get all the categories of the Category Taxonomy?

I figured it out. I missed the parameter set in the includes.

{% if config.plugins.taxonomylist.enabled %}
<div class="widget">
    {% include 'partials/categories.html.twig' with {'taxonomy':'category'} %}
{% endif %}

I just had to change {'taxonomy':'tag'} to {'taxonomy':'category'}

I must be getting too old for this stuff. So simple but I wasted a couple hours anyhow.

Great when you work it out yourself though isn’t it :slight_smile: Most satisfying!