How can i adapt CKEditor to Grav?

Hello. I have been working so many years with this nice editor that I am reluctant to change to any other way to work the content, sorry. So how can I adapt CKEditor to Grav?

When the admin plugin is ready it will have a nice markdown editor with preview. However, the ‘pro’ version of the admin will also have an option for a WYSIWYG editor. I’m not sure if we’ll use CKEditor or not, there are a lot of great options to choose from.

Thanks rhukster, any good WYSIWYG editor with a good file manager would be fine.

+1 for File Manager. I like the Admin plugin’s editor. Very simple and easy, exactly what I’m looking for. Only downside is with no File Manager, it’ll be too easy for multiple editors to upload the same PDF doc in various places, for example, with no easy way to update it without updating it on every page it’s on, after you track them down. Big pain. Need a DRY solution for Files, a File Manager could do this.