Header Image in One Page SKELETON-Pack


how can i change the header image in the one page SKELETON-Pack ?

The one with the blue mountains. I searched the pack and the css files, but i get no idea where it comes from !?!?

grav-skeleton-onepage-site-v1.0.2\grav-skeleton-onepage-site\user\page s\01.home_showcase\showcase.jpg

The blue shade is some sort of CSS filtering

Great, thanks !! In which file is it the link to the image ?

Or where is the image defined ?

Any image in the folder _showcase will do. (make sure to clear the cache!)
Are you running locally or on a LINUX webserver?
Because you should definately install the admin plugin to get you going. (https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-admin/blob/develop/README.md)
Also, the theme is actually Antimatter, so you can learn a lot from reading https://learn.getgrav.org

It runs on a Linux Web-Server

https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-admin/blob/develop/README.md is the way to go!

Ok, Thank you !!!