Hamburger menu onepage skeleton

Hi all, how do I add menu item on the hamburger menu when I use modular approach (onepage skeleton)? Thanks.

If you add another modular page it will automatically be added to that menu.

if you wish to add a manual type link then you will need to add it in the theme’s modular.html.twig where the logic is contained for this on-page menu.

Thanks for that rhukster. I need more the second one. I did some search before I asked the question but I could not find it in the documentation. Is this info there? If not, maybe it needs to be added. Thanks again.

It appears to be partials/navigation.html.twig that I need to update, not modular.html.twig.

I’ve been able to add the menu to the hamburger menu. There is one last issue, how do I close the left bar (where the hamburger menu items are) upon clicking the menu item. I understand the menu item in hamburger menu may be supposed to be for a page which will invoke page load but can I have it to function just as the top navigation when in desktop mode (ie. close the menu and scroll to the section). Thanks.