Grav skeleton - link to outside page/blank in menu

Dear forum members, I try to put link (to outside page) in menu.
I want to use this skeleton ->

I know how to add element to onepage, but I want to create separate page/no onepage and add this page to menu. Its possible to do that in this or similar skeleton?

Best regards,

Are you just asking to put a link in the menu of your site that redirects to a URL outside of your site?

If so, make a page and name it what you need to, then go to the Advanced tab. Here you will find a field named Page Redirect. Fill in the URL you need and save it and that should work.

Thank you, but If I dont use admin panel, can I do this using only markdown/YAML ?

Hi, in user/config/site.yaml add

  - text: "A link"
    url: ""

that should work (it’s an Antimatter theme feature, the one used in that skeleton)

Sorry, this tip doesn’t work for me :frowning: