Grav Philosophy

I’m interested in knowing more about the philosophy, reasoning, and team that’s behind Grav. I realize that this project hasn’t been around long, so you might still be figuring some of these things out as you work through the culture of the team. Seeing as how you already have a “What Is Grav” section in the Learn website, I thought it could be worth it to ask for a bit more info on what you guys are expecting out of the project.

So, I guess to start (if you don’t mind the questions being asked in this forum), what is the purpose of Grav? Why did the RocketTheme team decide to develop this project instead of working within an existing CMS? What kinds of users do you hope to attract today and in the future?

And I guess in general: Who do we look to as the fearless leader of this open source development team?

I did post a bit about this when we originally launched:

Give that a read and ask me any more questions you want :slight_smile: