Hello. Could someone explain HOW TO connect GAnalytics in simpliest way?
No luck with plugins.
Telegram @emptty0

Just insert google code into HEADER section in this file

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@emptty0, That is indeed the most simple way.

To add a bit more flexibility you might consider adding test and production GA ID’s in different config files, eg. /user/config/ganalytics.yaml containing the test Id and /user/env/ containing the production Id.

// /user/config/ganalytics.yaml  -> Contains default setting
script: '<script>script with test key</script>'

// /user/env/
script: '<script>script with production key</script>'

And in /user/themes/your-theme/templates/partials/base.html.twig:

{{ config.ganalytics.script | raw }}

Grav will automatically switch between config files depending on the domain.

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