on Bluehost

the install at was working and is now dead with this error:[09-Sep-2015 18:30:51] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home4/slcspee1/public_html/ibaofut/index.php on line 2

There is something fundamentally wrong. I just can’t figure out what or why. Any help would be appreciated.

If you have phpinfo.php in webroot then you should be able to hit: But this gives me a 500 error. In fact I can’t even reach the Grav README:

That means there is something fundamentally wrong with your server setup. Is bluehost really not able to help you out with this?

Just renamed .htaccess to get it out of the way. Now you should see the files

the .htaccess was prohibiting your access I guess.

BH suggests that I install on the root mother of mothers domain… and not in an “addon” domain. But, basically they’ve given up. They blame the .htaccess for it not working.

so I’ll give it a shot on… virgin install

an error occurred while processing this directive <- PHP 5.2!!!

PHP 5.4+ is required <- also PHP 5.2

Great… “BH: It should not have downgraded.” They set it back?

Most hosting providers allow you to choose the version of PHP the server is running with. This is usually in CPanel.

Not too impressed with BH support if they couldn’t even identify that the version of PHP was 5.2. I mean that’s ancient and has been unsupported for over 4 years!

I’m not impressed… I have other words… I just downloaded and unzipped in the root of this entire mess.

an error occurred while processing this directive]
so, now I’m wondering what one has to do to make it work.

Grav is running here:

yes. But why? I mean I have 4 installs … fundamental… I’m guilty of the second sin… requirement… php 5.4+

I’m going to see if I can’t get running since it’s about 4 minutes old

I would guess you have an .htaccess in the root of that has something in it to cause that error.

or look here: