Git workflow with final customers

we have a question with git.

if create a website for final customer (Z). We create git repo with whole site, and push it in production.

Everything was fine.

Few time letter Z add a new on is website directly in prod.
We need to work on his site, problems begins…
Git is not uptodate …

How to manage this? User/pages need to be unfollows ?
How to sync ?

I don’t understand the problem. The point of version control is being able to work independently on the same files. At some point, if multiple people are working on the exact same file, you’re going to run into conflicts. This is not unusual, though it can be frustrating for people who don’t normally use version control systems. The person unfortunate enough to commit later has to take the time to review and resolve the conflicts and can’t commit until they do.

If you intend to manage this for them, then the best way to do that is to not ever let them commit to the master branch. They commit to develop (see the Gitflow method) and someone occasionally merges those changes into master, which is what is actually published.

If they expect to be fully independent, then you guys need to have some protocol around resolving conflicts. It will be much harder for clients to do this if they’re not used to working with such systems.

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You don’t understood the problematic.
Your (for exemple)/my customer don’t work with git, juste in admin, directly in prod.
Customers is not in web dev. You can’t ask a customer to use git (often in IT…)

Imagine this forum in flat files. you ll’t use git to post a topic and make a pr, to accept this ?!

Sorry, but I’m struggling to understand your scenario and desired outcome. Vous parlez francais? So are you saying you have a Git repo essentially for backup but that the client makes changes directly inside Grav? And that you want changes the client makes to be reflected in the repo and changes you make directly in the repo to be reflected on the site?

There is a plugin (that I’ve never used) called Git Sync that purports to let you sync changes both ways. I cannot speak to how well it works.

Nothing is going to prevent conflicts, though, if you both try to make changes to the same file at the same time. I have no idea how this plugin manages that.

Best of luck! Sounds very messy :slight_smile:

Vous parlez français ?

Yes, I’m french! How you know that ?

Before post my topic I ask Grav team by Twitter, They made the same answer.

Don’t, maybe I forgets some details…

Thanks for your anwer.

Je voulais vous donner l’option de décrire ton problème en français si encore je ne l’avais pas compris. (C’était le mot “juste” qui m’a signallé.) Je ne suis pas francophone, mais je le comprends bien.

Let us know how the GitSync plugin works out for you. It certainly sounds promising. Heck, I’m thinking I might try it out myself.

Bull :slight_smile:

To help you to improve your (good) french
Attention “you/vous you/tu”: If you beginning with ‘vous’ , finish with it. It’s more beautiful
Try to make sentences more simple and short (I try this always I wrote in english).

C’était le mot “juste” qui me l’a signalé. Je voulais vous donner l’option de décrire votre problème en français. Si je ne l’avais pas encore compris. Je ne suis pas francophone, mais je le comprends bien.

I make my own plugin :wink:

That’s my informal Canadian French creeping in there. I consciously started with vous but then slipped into tu when I stopped thinking about it.

Good luck! Let us know if you have any plugin development questions.