Font Awesome upgrade

I have been trying to use the fa-pulse effect since I fiddle with Grav. Is it just of upgrading Font Awesome in the libraries?
Thank you

Hi Vikt, I replaced a number of files in user/themes/antimatter/fonts/ but also a css file (font-awesome.min.css) in user/themes/antimatter/css.
I think the css file is converting all the fa-xxxx into the corresponding utf numeric character codes. If not replacing the css, the newly introduced caracters cannot be used by their symbolic name. Good luck.
(I’m unsure now but maybe I had to change some file names to match grav’s name?)

Ok, thank you franchan, I will test this. By default I have always been able to use the spinner by simply adding fa-spin next after the chosen character code (without fa- prefix since the class was already mentioned) but fa-pulse was not understood.