Find Media outside Page

i’ve a page with _modal sections.
In one _modal I have a gallery and I put all gallery images inside 01.home/_gallery/img.
On my file galley.html.twig I have

<section class="gallery slider">
	{% for image in page.find('/_gallery/img').media.images %}
			<img src="{{ image.url }}" style="width:100%; height:100%">
    {% endfor %}

and it works OK, any image inside img folder is displayed on the gallery.

But, if I wanted to put all gallery images in another folder, for example 01.home/img (outside the modal)
I would have
__ gallery
__ img

I cannot put the something like
{% for image in page.find(’…/img’).media.images %}

How can I do it?


You might consider putting the images in a single folder.
Have a look in the great documentation

Thank you for reply.
I have already tested it, but it won’t work, I don’t know if is due to _modal pages inside home page that it won’t go to img folder.

Should be:

{% for image in page.find(’/img’).media.images %}

Because the find() method expects a full page route.