⚡Extension request - Accelerated Mobile Pages generator

As in the head! It would be awesome if upon creating new page, I could get automatically generated AMP version of the page (https://www.ampproject.org) :zap:

Thoughts? Or if I could start writing it by myself - suggestions? Bottlenecks?

Hi, this question has already been asked before. You can find the thread here https://getgrav.org/forum#!/chitchat:google-amp-support . In my opinion it is not worth the effort to write a plugin for AMP; Grav is already fast by design. It is better if you put your effort in the theme instead and only use the libraries you really need (and not full blown up solutions) + use a CDN of your choice.

@Sommerregen - it’s not about Grav being fast enough, it’s about Big Google ranking your site higher if you have AMP support, similar like mobile friendly sites and sites with SSL on.

Hi @justshipit, Google ranking is a point I haven’t considered though. Surely, one can have serious dicussions about the pros and cons, but in the end every one have to decide it on their own to use the service/feature or not :slight_smile: BTW I have found a good website about Google AMP, which is worth to read. Especially, the comments. The link is https://moz.com/blog/how-googles-amp-will-influence-your-online-marketing .

As you already know support for AMP could be done in a plugin (and maybe with some changes to the core). If you feel in charge for writing one, it will be welcome nevertheless!

@sommerregen I would love to help out but I don’t do PHP

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