Error 500 on large pages

It seems that the large pages on my site might be generating an Error 500. Most other pages load ok, but the long pages are blank.

Long page:


Hi @Umbergerba, just in case you have not done so already have you seen these suggestions?

BTW, awesome use of the Learn2 with Git Sync theme🙂

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Thanks! I will take a look at your link and see what I can find out.

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@Umbergerba - also feel free to DM me in the Grav Discord room with any other questions about the Learn2 with Git Sync theme

Sorry, been busy. I work over-the-road. I checked everything regarding the link you sent me. No go. Everything on the list seems fine.

Only having issues with a few long pages, very odd.

I have also tried deleting the GRAV cache manually, it did not help either.


I have confirmed this is an issue with the length of the pages (ie. total size of the markdown file).

I shortened the markdown text on one of the long pages and the Error 500 goes away.

The issue resides on the following long pages only … Classes, Spellcasting, Magic Items and Mosters.


I don’t have any expertise re: server issues @Umbergerba … perhaps try posting this issue in the Discord room?

Quick update @Umbergerba, I just tested your Learn2 with Git Sync site pages on a local Grav install and no issues with those long pages.

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Thats very interesting. I wonder, perhaps I will reinstall core Grav and all plugins, see what happens. Will let you know.

Thank you for the extra efforts.


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