Error 404 when diacritics in the directory's name

I’m migrating my site to a new host and the articles whose address contains accents don’t work. They appear in the menu but lead to a 404 error. Is this due to a bad config in Grav ?

@pzul, I’m not well versed on this subject, but as far as I know, URLs can only be sent over the internet using ASCII characters. Non-ASCII characters need to be URL encoded before being transmitted.

The browser might show diacritics correctly, but the URL being transmitted does not contain non-ASCII characters.

The encoding/decoding of the URL is not in the realm of Grav, but rather the platform (OS, webserver, webserver config, …) and browser.

Above is in line with your observation that a Grav website copied from one server to another server might not behave identical with respect to diacritics in URLs.

You might query the web and follow the discussions about using diacritics in URLs. I believe similar portability issues can arise with filenames containing diacritics.

Just my 2 cents…