Error 404 in localhost after download site from server

Hello there,

First of all, I’ve developed my website in my local server (linux), and then I’ve uploaded to server in Hostinger provider. Finally, I’ve downloaded that same website to my computer, again, and I can access to localhost/mysite, but I can’t access to pages with routes, for example, the blog page. When I want to visit localhost/mysite/blog the system shows me the 404 error.

I’ve configured the permissions in my /var/www/html/mysite, following the steps from the, but it doesn’t work.

The same happens with the localhost/mysite/admin, to access admin panel. I can’t access to it either.

I’ve cleaned cache too.

Can anyone give me some advice for this trouble?

Thanks so much.

Sorry everybody.

I’ve changed my local server to other computer and my apache configuration was wrong. I’ve followed the indications in FAQ , and I had to change the directive AllowOverride None, to AllowOverride All.

That’s all. Thanks.