Enable login on a website with version 1.7

I am using with with Grav version 1.7. Just because I was testing the Flex Objects Plugin.
I have the plugins Login and Admin installed but also some others.

I was trying to enable login for a normal users. What I did was the following:

  • Create a Group: Test. with permission: allow Login to site.
  • Create a user: Test assigned to the group Test. Site access blank and login enabled
    I start up the website and got the site immediately with a login screen.

Next I changed the Root Page settings to: page access login to site allow. Cleared the cash.
Again the website showed up immediately with a login screen.


  • What am I doing wrong?
  • What is the best roadmap to set a login to a website. Do I need to change settings for a user, group or page?

Thanks for giving me feedback.

Not sure I understand the issue. Just a few days ago I implemented site login myself without any issue

Isn’t Login screen exactly what you wanted?

Perhaps I am little bit confused.
Do you use the plugin to force a login of the website?

In version 1.7 you can define groups and users in groups. What I understood is that you can give a group certain access rights. Even access rights to a website without an additional plugin.
But you can also give access rights to pages. So now I am not sure what to do. Arrage access via groups and users or via pages? Or am I wrong?

Solved the problem. I used v1.7 beta. With v1.7 it works.

@epb, For the benefit of the community, would you mind sharing how you enabled login on your website?

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