Emphasis within quoted / indented text?

Hi guys,

I need to have a piece of code emphasised (<b>) within a longer section of indented code (```). Is there a way of doing that in Grav?

Markdown marks worked in MediaWiki, now Grav interprets my attempts of emphasising the code (**) as asterisks. The same happens to curly brackets when I use grav-plugin-markdown-color withing the indented part.

Thanks for your insight, Sue

Hi @sue, is the following code block something you are looking for?

This is bold inside a code block

If so, you can create it by mixing regular HTML inside your markdown:

<pre><code>This is <b>bold</b> inside a code block</code></pre>

Hope this helps…

Yeah, that’s it. Your example was crystal clear and really helped me to grasp the idea of using markup when markdown is not sufficient.

Thanks a million!