Edit plugin scss and add to custom.scss file

Hi all, new to Grav. I was able to customise scss for shopping cart plugin, now I want to add the changes to my custom.scss file, which is in this path: mysite/user/data/gantry5/themes/g5_helium/scss/cutom.scss
Copy and paste it’s not enough, I also tried with @import “shopping cart”; but I’m not sure if this will be overwritten with next plugin update

As I recall custom.css and custom.scss should not be overwritten, but in general you should use Theme Inheritance to make changes to themes. For Custom CSS, it should suffice to use a custom.css file where the changes you apply have a higher order of specificity than already set.

The easiest way to add some custom CSS is to use the https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-custom-css plugin.

Regarding Gantry customization, all that belongs in the user/data folder is not going to be overwritten by theme updates, and the custom.scss file should be preserved.

User/Themes/YourTheme/Css/Custom.css Works Fine!

Thanks all, folks! A question for flaviocopes: still struggling to redirect the “continue shopping” to the correct page “categories list”…can’t find where to set up the link; can you help me?