Edit .md page with AJAX and PHP

In the frontend of my website I am trying to load the raw .md page inside a textarea with AJAX, then I want to use EpicEditor to edit it, then I’d like to save the file with PHP and AJAX.

I see in the .htaccess that I cannot access md files, do I need to remove md files from there if I want to get the file with AJAX, or is there a way to get the .md file with Grav API? Something like {{ page.content|raw }}?

Your asking about functionality that is going to be in the Admin plugin (well not ajax yet), but it’s a complicated question, and you can get some of this from looking at the admin code when its released on github.

Ok, thank you!

Otherwise, the best option is to dig through the code in the system/ folder. Also here are the slightly outdated API docs: