Each Login User has a own Page


I need help for this case:

I have 3 Loginuser and every User has to se a private own page. Is there a easy way to manage that?

You should elaborate on what’s a private own page. Like a unique profile page?

So User 1 login and he just have to see the page that is for him. User B have his own page and so on. Means. I like to have a Login Area with username and password and after login with the username and password the user just see one are that is allowed for him.

I know you can make groups an the Userarea in the backend, but I don’t know how to say, that user A is in this group and he just have the rights to see page X. You know what I mean?

So users have to see different pages on same route? Or just access different routes?
If you could explain a use case, maybe it would be easier to understand

Different URLS. User 1 see www.xxx.de/page1
User 2 see www.xxx.de/page2

But User 1 can’t see the page of user 2

I suppose ACL groups would be one option. Another - some custom plugin.
It’s really difficult to guess the use case, because it seems to me like you’re reaching for a wrong solution to maybe not so complex problem.

I have a website for a trader and he have around 30 sportclubs and every club have a page on the same URL adress where they have there products inside. Every club can login and just see the own products on the page (everything is on the same website).

So basically you have two page templates - club and product
I would make a plugin, which would fetch club/product data available only to that user.


  • /club - fetch club page of that logged in user and set that as a page with a collection of products belonging to that user;
  • /club/product/some-product-name (or if flex objects, /.../id:object_id) - check if product belongs to logged in user. If it does, set product data to that page

Thanks for that, but it helps not.

I will that I login on the login page (not the admin …/admin Page). and than I see my private page with my content.

If a other user login in with his Login Acces, he have to see his private page. That is the plan.

So I don’t know how to say that user X just see page x and user B just see page B and so on.

Grav is flexible enough, so that on the same route (eg. /club) different content could be shown for different users. Isn’t this what you want? Of course it would require a custom plugin to achieve that

yes it sounds what I need. I create User and a Group and I told the User, you belong to the group. But I don’t know how to tell the page that only user X who is in the group is lowed to see the content.

Well, I didn’t have to deal with permissions and restrictions stuff yet, so can’t really suggest much (or even don’t really want to), because my advice might lead to some leak of information to users that shouldn’t see it.

Maybe @pamtbaau could jump in here and point to the right direction :thinking: