Dynamic list of links

Hey, new to Grav - I’m looking to have a list of links that content editors can edit, stored as URL + Description, and have this list appear on every page of my Grav site. How would I go about doing this?

I’ve added a footer on every page of the website using a regular Grav markdown page as a source for the content, which can be edited by content editors like you describe:

  1. Add this code in /user/themes/[themename]/partials/base.html.twig where you want the links list to appear:
{% block links %}
  {% set linkspage = pages.find('/links') %}
  {% if linkspage %}
     {% include 'partials/links.html.twig' %}
  {% endif %}
{% endblock %}

  1. Add file links.html.twig to the same /partials folder:
<div id="links">
  {{ linkspage.content }}

  1. Add file /user/pages/links/links.md where you have your editable links list:

— markdown
title: links routable: false ⁣

My Links List

Description 1 here lorem ipsum

Description 2 here lorem ipsum

Description 3 here lorem ipsum

`routable: false`ensures [yourdomain.com]/links/ throws a 404 if you try to navigate to it directly.